Mustang Trail

Each student is assigned a check-sheet at the beginning of the year. The check sheet is divided into 4 categories: Academics, Extra-Curricular, Discipline, and Community Service. Under each category is a list of qualifying activities and a corresponding point value for each. At the end of each quarter, teachers are to mark any activities that their students took part in. All quarterly school incentives and rewards that a student may qualify for are based off their individual progress on the Mustang Trail.

  • 1st Quarter 25% of goal (250 points) Fun Day Reward
  • 2nd Quarter 50% of goal (500 points) Fun Day Reward
  • 3rd Quarter 75% of goal (750 points) Fun Day Reward
  • 4th Quarter 100% of goal (1,000 points) Ultimate Fun Day

The major objective of this Program is to get our students to buy into their school and for us to develop well-rounded students.