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Physical Education

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Physical Education classes meet 2 times per week for 40 minutes each. Students do a variety of activities such as dance, soccer, volleyball. football, hockey, jump rope, softball and track and many other activities designed to improve fitness. Students are also required to participate in physical fitness testing two times per year. 5th-grade fitness test scores are sent to Sacramento to be compared with other 5th grade students throughout California and the US. Fitness Standards in the mile run, curl-ups (sit-ups), push-ups and trunk lift are all compared, along with height and weight standards. Wasco ranks very low in these areas, so we are trying to work hard on arm strength, abdominal strength, and aerobic endurance (running).

Students need to come dressed appropriately for activity on PE days. Shoes need to have the laces tied and clothes should be comfortable and appropriate for weather conditions.

Every other week students also have a health class. This class teaches about muscles, bones, asthma, smoking, nutrition, heart and fitness facts, water safety and many other topics related to health.

Students in the 4th-6th grades at Teresa Burke have PE every Wednesday and Friday, with health being every other Monday.

Students in the 1st-6th grades may also participate in the Mile Club after lunch. Here they can earn rewards for every 5 miles they run or walk.