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Mustang Trail and "B" Society

Each student is assigned a check-sheet at the beginning of the year. The check sheet is divided into 4 categories: Academics, Extra-Curricular, Discipline, and Community Service. Under each category is a list of qualifying activities and a corresponding point value for each. At the end of each quarter, teachers are to mark any activities that their students took part in. All quarterly school incentives and rewards that a student may qualify for are based off their individual progress on the Mustang Trail, with the ultimate goal being to earn their school letter at the end of the year and become a member of the “B” Society.

  • 1st Quarter 25% of goal (250 points) Fun Day Reward
  • 2nd Quarter 50% of goal (500 points) Fun Day Reward
  • 3rd Quarter 75% of goal (750 points) Fun Day Reward
  • 4th Quarter 100% of goal (1,000 points) Ultimate Fun Day And Society Membership

The only provision to becoming a “B” Society member is that a student will be required to have earned points in all categories with the exception of Discipline. The major objective of this Program is to get our students to buy into their school and for us to develop well-rounded students.