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The mission of Teresa Burke Elementary, in partnership with the school community, is to promote a lifelong enjoyment of reading. Our library will enrich and extend the school curriculum and encourage the pursuit of knowledge by ensuring that students become effective users of information.

Library Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-8:55   Ballard   Ayala  
9:00-9:25   Vasquez   Toone  
9:30-9:55 Navarrete   Nunez Rodriguez  
10:00-10:25 Candelaria   Delgado   Cohen
10:30-10:55     RSP Students   Risi
11:00-11:25   Deltoro   Pennell Gonzalez
11:30-11:55   Sanchez   Castillo M. Juarez
12:00-12:25 Willis Espitia Crafton Martinez Hamlin
12:30-12:55 Ursery   Ramirez Sweeney Crane
1:00-1:25   Juarez Arriaga Ordonez Soto
2:30-3:30 Open Library Open Library Open Library Open Library Open Library
4:00-5:00   ASES      
5:00-6:30   Night Library